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How can I thank you for the satisfaction and peace of mind you have given me? After having been through a horrible hair replacement and visiting doctors, I was considering having a hair transplan...
Abbey M.

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Men's Hair Division

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Did you know the Microdot Process is a great alternative for men experiencing thinning hair? 

Don`t ruin your existing hair with a glued on hairpiece.  Find out more about our Men's Hair Division.

You really can have the hair you’ve always dreamed of with the Microdot Process™ of hair enhancement.  In just 2-4 hours, short hair becomes long, fine hair becomes thick, thinning hair becomes full again.

You may have seen us on TV and asked, “Can the Microdot Process really work for me?”  In fact, people who have used the Microdot Process™ are amazed at how natural their hair looks and feels.  Go ahead wash your hair, style it any way you like, it’s a part of you that’s meant to enhance your beauty.   At The Microdot Process, we feel hair is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

We pride ourselves on being the inventors of the Microdot Process and stand behind the technique.

We’ve been in the business for over 40 years with thousands of satisfied clients. In our opinion, no company can duplicate the realistic results that the Microdot Process can.  Combined with 100% Remy (virgin) hair, you can have the ultimate head of hair!

We know there are a lot of companies out there that promise great results.  There are many techniques available to enhance your hair, but there is one thing that can’t be duplicated or copied, for the best hair day of your life.

For a free consultation, please use the easy schedule form.  You may also contact us by e-mail or by calling 1-800-462-4373

(*Please note, when grey hair is desired, we use non-human hair.)

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Actual Microdot Client
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We specialize in all types of ethnic hair.

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If you are unhappy with your present hair replacement salon, we can maintain your hair replacement at one of our tri-state locations. Just call 800-462-4373 to make a discreet and free one on one consultation to learn more.

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